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Why I Wrote From the Earth to Mars

It’s been a hundred years since a handful of visionaries turned the dream of spaceflight from science fiction into reality. But already, those first steps are lost in the haze of time—and also obscured by decades of half-truths and false… Continue Reading →

The World’s First Commercial Space Crew, Celebrating the Anniversary

MirCorp launched the world’s first–and still only–commercial human mission to reach orbit around the earth. A crew of two flew to the dormant space station Mir and brought it back to life, with no government funds.

Anniversary of MirCorp signing to lease Russian Space Station

Given that we are, seventeen years later, on a true cusp of commercial operations in low-earth orbit, I’ve decided this is the year to mark the milestones of the MirCorp journey.

Three Sisters at the Revolution: How Putins’ Russia Became a Reality

Whether you are of Russian heritage but too young to really remember the fall of the Soviet Union, or an American of any age trying to understand the Trumpian embrace of Vladimir Putin, there is a renewed interest by both… Continue Reading →

The Political Nuances of Sexual Hypocrisy circa 2016

In the waning days of the presidential campaign Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, offered a $1 million dollar reward for any explosive video tapes and other evidence showing sexual indiscretions by then-candidate Donald Trump. The action mirrored Flynt’s similar… Continue Reading →

Our New Philosophy on Space Exploration

Yesterday I spoke at the White House Frontiers Conference hosted by President Obama. The theme of the event was this nation’s capabilities to continue to lead in key frontiers of science and knowledge. The frontier tracks were focused on 1)… Continue Reading →

Exploration Created the World’s First Stock Market

Thirteen words written into the 1602 charter of a new company changed Western economics. And may provide a clue as to how to fund future commercial expeditions to the Moon and Mars. The trillions of investor dollars that pass through… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Buying and Selling on the 15th Anniversary of September 11th Attacks

In a few short years we will be buying mattresses that are themed for 9/11—and guzzling Cokes in memory of 9/11. This is true. It is a fact. How do I know we will reach this advertising gutter? Because this… Continue Reading →

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