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Jerry Pournelle Reviews Selling Peace

The book of the month is Selling Peace by Jeffrey Manber. Manber was CEO of MirCorp, the company that leased the Russian Mir space station and sold tickets, and was thus in a position to know what was going on… Continue Reading →

Leonard David Reviews Selling Peace

This is a unique view of behind-the-scenes dealings to realize the signing of the first contract between the Russians and NASA. The tale is one entrepreneurial spunk, conspiratorial zeal, political intrigue and barrier breaking guts… Jeffrey Manber is a gifted… Continue Reading →

Homer Hickam Reviews Selling Peace

If you care anything about the future of spaceflight, you must read this exciting true story of a group of Americans and Russians who fought bureaucrats and cold war thinking to keep a cranky old space station in orbit. Manber… Continue Reading →

Publishers Weekly Reviews Lincoln’s Wrath

The questions this book raises couldn’t be more timely: how does one criticize a president in wartime, and how can we ensure the freedom of the press at those moments when we need it most?” – Publishers Weekly

Greg Klerkx Reviews Selling Peace

In all the ways that count, the thrilling new era of commercial spacefaring began when a scrappy start-up called MirCorp took on the status quo and turned it inside-out. No one was further inside this riveting story than Jeffrey Manber:… Continue Reading →

Jeff Foust Reviews Selling Peace

Selling Peace provides an enlightening and engaging look at the history of efforts to commercialize Russia’s space program from the viewpoint of someone at the heart of much of that effort.” – Jeff Foust, The Space Review

Dana Lewis Reviews Selling Peace

Jeffrey – I look forward to your upcoming book on what can only be described as the rollercoaster ride to the stars, the difficult birth of the commercial space program. Few people know the intrigues, the scandals, the incredible river… Continue Reading →

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