Author of From the Earth to Mars, Them Hustlers and Selling Peace


Astronautical Award Presentation

Jeff has been awarded the American Astronautical Society’s 2011 Lloyd V. Berkner Award “for working tirelessly to advance the cause of commercial spaceflight ranging from early efforts for cooperative commercial space activities with Russia through current commercial science payloads flown… Continue Reading →

SpaceVidCast Interview

The crack team at SpaceVidCast spent a late evening with Jeffrey Manber, touching on subjects ranging from MirCorp, to the Obama space policy to the value of NanoRacks, Manber’s latest commercial space venture. Watch Jeffrey’s SpaceVidCast video at

Space Center Book Signing

Jeff will be at the Borders store next to the NASA Johnson Space Center on April 17th to sign copies of Selling Peace and discuss the future direction of NASA in the midst of all the recent changes coming from… Continue Reading →

Book of the Month

Legendary science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle has awarded Selling Peace as his March Book of the Month, stating “This is a very interesting insider’s account of an important period in space commercial development”.

University of Michigan Talk

“Can Capitalism Survive in Outer Space?” This is the question that Selling Peace author Jeffrey Manber seeks to answer at the University of Michigan on January 12th. The talk is scheduled for 8:00 PM at the Blau Auditoriam at the… Continue Reading →

Space Show Interview

Jeffrey recently enjoyed spending time with David Livingston on The Space Show. The ninety minute discussion touched on anecdotes from the book, the role of advocates in the space community and just where the Obama administration is headed. Listen here.

Fox Publishes Excerpt

Fox News publishes an excerpt of Selling Peace that depicts the struggle that existed between the Russians and their view of their space program and NASA officials, from top to bottom, and never more stark than When the Russian Came… Continue Reading →

NASA Review Interview

Jeffrey Manber goes up against Russia Today which holds to the old line that it is the absence of funds that has hurt the American space program. Manber explains that 19 billion dollars is more than enough. Read more…

Orphans of Apollo Showing

Jeffrey was invited by MirCorp documentary film director Michael Potter to represent Orphans of Apollo during its showing in Washington, DC. Watch the trailer here.

Space Tourism Interview

Russia Today Channel Interviews Jeffrey Manber on the future of space tourism and flight of Guy Laliberte to Soyuz. Watch the video clip here.

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